5 Podcasts to Help You Feel Less Nuts and Improve Your Emotional Health

I love listening to podcasts to improve my emotional health; it’s a great way to get some bite-sized wisdom I can tune into throughout my day. Luckily, the podcast world is rich with options when it comes to personal-improvement shows, and these are some of my favorites.

Life Coach School

Brooke Castillo brings an incredible energy to this podcast, which focuses on what it takes to become a certified life coach. It’s such a fascinating field, and Brooke is ridiculously on top of her stuff. Plus, she’s not afraid to touch on tough topics like money, ethics, and grief.

Style Your Mind

Speaking of life coaching, Style Your Mind is like getting a life coaching session from the older sister you always wanted. Cara brings conversations and interviews that are inspiring and (more importantly) actually useful to women trying to craft a life that means something to them.  I especially love her interview episodes.

Healthy Family Connections

Dr. Neil D. Brown is a kind, calm person talking about some tough subjects: parenting and families. I love the generous spirit he has for both the parents and the kids who write into him with questions, and his tips are always practical and backed by concrete examples.

Where Should We Begin with Esther Perel

This show is an edited therapy session with anonymous clients, and each episode is a fascinating look into the complicated factors that make up personal relationships. Even though they’re not my exact problems being discussed, I never fail to learn something after listening to an episode.

10% Happier

This show is hosted by ABC News anchor Dan Harris, who brings a no-nonsense approach to adding meditation and zen into our daily lives. It’s an awesome show aimed at “fidgety skeptics,” which I like a lot. It’s a really honest, down to earth approach to improving your quality of life.

Now go forth and listen! Hopefully you’ll walk away just a little bit more self-aware than you were before.

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