Ben & Bikes: 26% Increase in Podcast Downloads in One Month

About Ben & Bikes: Ben and Bikes is a podcast about bikes, but way more about the people who ride them and their stories than about the latest in shock technology or who is going to win the Tour de France.

Every bike tells a story. These are some of them.


The Challenge: Ben reached out to me because he wanted strategic advice for how to increase his podcast listenership. He also wanted ways to consistently engage his current followers as well as encourage new followers to download the new podcast episodes.

The Solution: We started using audiograms as a way to share parts of the episode on social media and give potential listeners a sample. We also add in engaging questions through out the week with the goal of encouraging more community. And we layered in a focus on sharing previous podcast episodes as well as new ones to capitalized on the extensive database of previous episodes that most followers may not have explored yet.

The Results: In the first month of working together, we’re already seeing a a 26% growth in podcast downloads.

Ready to give your podcast the attention it deserves? Let’s get started!

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